Private Lessons

Instructor John Puskar can help you learn basic step and groupings for a variety of dances, work on your lead/follow and form, or help you take your dancing to the next level.  Available for individuals or couples. Call or text  John at (630) 546-0051 to schedule your first lesson. Private lessons are $40 per hour for an individual or $60 per hour for a couple.

Private lessons are 60-minute lessons.


Group Classes

Group classes offer a great way to meet new people and learn or refine your skills! We offer a variety of dance classes. Check out our Events page for dance class schedule. Check out our amazing deal for January:

  • $40 gets you admission to ALL group classes and dances during the month of January.
  • Just interested in learning one type of dance? Sign up for one weekly series of classes (4 sessions) for only $20.
  • Drop-in class admission: $10 per class

If you have a corporate, school or community event, we can also bring group lessons to you.  Give us a call and we can help plan your special event.

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Why dance at Floating On A Melody Ballroom?

We have a spacious dance floor and plenty of seating for when you want to take a break and just watch the other dancers.  We play great dance music that will get you up and dancing right away.

Dancing is a great way to stay in shape while meeting fun people so come out and join us!

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